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Tasis The American School In Switzerland, the most exclusive Swiss boarding school in Europe.

Tasis The American School In Switzerland, the most exclusive Swiss boarding school in Europe.

Among the most prestigious private schools of Europe, we find the TASIS Lugano: Tasis The American School in Switzerland. Speaking of private schools of international excellence is impossible not to think of Switzerland. E ‘in this country, in fact, that focus the best institutes, famous for training in the world is synonymous with rigor and quality. One of the most prestigious Swiss Colleges where to study is the TASIS, Tasis The American School in Switzerland, Lugano, a private institution that welcomes students from elementary school to high school from all over the world.

The Tasis is located in Montagnola, a small and picturesque village in the municipality of Collina d’Oro, just above Lugano in the canton of Ticino. Montagnola thanks to its mild climate, the green landscapes overlooking beautiful Lake Lugano, and the proximity to Tasis, has become a much sought after location. Are gorgeous residences, villas with pool and luxury homes, villas lake view,  where rich families from around the world can find a right size to grow and study their children.

The mission of the institution is to prepare students for the best American colleges and universities around the world, allowing them to learn the languages and the different European cultures. The pioneering institution in the field of international education opened in 1956, it is now the oldest American college in Europe and since then The American School in Switzerland has trained more than 20,000 students.

From the center of Europe, the TASIS offers a rich program of international studies, travels around the world and cultural and educational trips; destinations ranging from Paris, Prague, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, New York, Jordan, Kenya and Morocco. Also it located in the Italian part of Switzerland, where food, culture and language spoken ensure a pleasant stay for all.

The most notable building of the TASIS campus is Villa De Nobili, a seventeenth-century mansion that still contains the armor that were placed by the Marquis De Nobili, Italian ambassador to Switzerland. It houses the dormitories, classrooms, a dining hall and administrative offices of the school. For further information visit the official website

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