Villa Carona lake view with 3 apartments

CHF 2,350,000


Multi-family villa overlooking Lake Lugano Carona fraction green architecture: house of 240 square meters in total consists of 3 apartments, easily convertible into two apartments, as well as to a single family use. The property includes two terraces, a private garden, and 6 parking spaces. Beautiful lake view. Built in 2012.
House low-energy, also equipped with solar panels that heat the domestic hot water is that heating, in addition to rare and precious stone stove (specksteinhofen).
Each room is very bright.
Air conditioning and natural cooling systems that facilitate the passage of heat and cold from outside to inside the house.
All this allows you to live in a much more comfortable and healthier environment, free from closed and sealed spaces, since the whole structure “breathes.”
The potentialities of this villa apartment house Lugano lake view is its construction technique in green building, which is identified with natural materials such as solid wood, clay, hemp fiber, wood fiber, natural lime, natural paints, stones … ..
The walls in the clay minerals have the ability to concentrate the energy and then release it; also act as a heat accumulator which ensures an optimal interior climate, absorbing and releasing moisture.
This house has a higher resistance to both fire seismic, as strong winds.
A curiosity: the clay filters perfectly impurities and toxic substances found in the air. The pinocembro wood releases a very pleasant scent that favors breathing and fights respiratory diseases. His foster the basic functions of the body and away the risk of respiratory and rheumatic diseases typical of unhealthy buildings.

Carona is a picturesque district of the city of Lugano which boasts an extensive array of architects, sculptors and masons who left important traces of their art in the country, decorating churches and homes. For sportsmen and nature lovers and walkers, Carona offers numerous recreational activities, including a public swimming pool in a beautiful location, jogging paths, tennis courts, trails for biking or walking in the charming chestnut .


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