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Morcote: the most beautiful village in Switzerland in 2016

Who knows the Ticino was certainly in Morcote, a picturesque village on the shores of Lake Lugano, Morcote the most ‘beautiful village of Switzerland 2016. After Throne in 2015, another village in the Italian Switzerland is imposed in the Swiss Confederation. Here on the shores of Lake Lugano, wrapped in a typically Italian, you always feel on vacation. Morcote is the most beautiful village in Switzerland. The village a few kilometers from Lugano, in fact, it won the competition sponsored by Schweizer Illustrierte, L’illustré, the coffee and the SSR. Launched in June, the competition involved recognition by the public, Swiss villages under 3,000 inhabitants.

From 31 August to 28 September, the Swiss were called to choose between these four “traditional” villages. It is as told to Morcote, village of about 700 inhabitants lies on Lake Lugano. A great honor for a municipality that in this period is making a major upgrading in tourism perspective: the title of “most beautiful village in Switzerland” can only help.

The poll, Morcote passed the competition, thanks to the wish of a Swiss-German, French-speaking Switzerland and Swiss Romansh. The village on the Ceresio, rich in history and tradition, repeating the success of Soglio (Bergell) last year. A result of all respect that remember one thing: we live in a beautiful area, we want to propose to ourselves and to our fellow countrymen. Obviously, such a victory requires a dignified celebration. The 731 inhabitants of the former fishing village were invited by Schweizer Illustrierten, L’illustré and Coffee in a big party. Nicola Brivio, mayor of Morcote, said this victory: “I go incredibly proud and feel honored. It is a result that is to the credit of the entire village and is the result of the participation of everyone! ”

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