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Living in Lugano: a place for wealthy retirees ? not only…

Living in Lugano: a place for wealthy retirees and admirers of amnesties and tax shields?

The stereotype of the above is based on fact – yes, there are many “retired” wealthy and many cozy banks – the Franco (in the sense of money) is always a little snooty and the federal government is so thick of tourist attractions, it is hard to stand out and get noticed. And then Italy is there and she also has its lakes, its villas, its views, all so similar …

Lugano, the most famous city in the canton of Ticino, Bellinzona despite being the capital, from the tourist point of view has an appeal all its own, climate, beautiful scenery, good food, Italian language and the proximity to the beautiful country in fact.

But the border there and know something about the tens of thousands of border that every day pass through it in both directions. So Lugano Switzerland in its purest form and means work, efficiency, productivity, wealth. For the Nordic compatriots here we are right in the south, a south that appeals to them, though, so much so that this year a national competition sponsored by some Swiss media has named the village of Morcote “best Swiss 2016 “country. In Morcote effects deserves a long stop, perched as it is on the coast of the peninsula that almost bisects the lake of Lugano. Mediterranean climate – very popular in the winter months – patrician houses, porches and a climb of 400 steps leading to the must sanctuary of Santa Maria del Sasso complete the visit that can still be expanded with the Parco Scherrer and his collection of

Living in Lugano but ‘is not only a plus for wealthy retirees, here you live very well in the family, the facilities are excellent, Swiss schools are renowned in the world, like Tasis school, the bureaucracy is lean, a high sense of civic duty allows everyone to living in the order and in accordance with the public good. No shortage of attractions for young people, sport is very practiced from an early age, good public transport network, the atmosphere is also internationally thanks to a multilingual population and with different cultural influences. In Ebuyhouse real estate Lugano city we find a modern cultural center as the LAC, a wide range of artistic and especially musical events with its festivals, and Casino ‘, night clubs, village festivals and food and wine events.

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