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How to decorate the house with the artworks

How to decorate the house with the artworks without spending a fortune? People often think that artworks  are something unattainable for the pockets of ordinary mortals, but it is absolutely not true. It is possible to buy  paintings and sculpture also at affordable prices, you just know where to go and prefer emerging artists.

In this way you will give the opportunity for young artists to continue producing and to assure you of a work that, in addition to give your home an original flavor and staff, will appreciate in value over the years.

How to decorate the house with the artworks seems to be a growing demand among interior design and architects tend to embellish an interior making use of artwork and now, like a new commandment, there is no apartment does not contain within it at least one piece of antique

However insert a picture, a photograph, a sculpture in how to decorate the house is not simple it nor trivial. The risk is to create aesthetic dissonance with which we risk getting the opposite effect than the one desired. So what are the rules that you must follow in order to choose the most suitable works to the style and mood of our apartment o luxury villa ? How is it possible to harmonize between their paintings and carpets eras and styles. Buying art is a wonderful experience because you come into contact with beautiful energies that circulate in the world of art (especially at the beginning), it also has to do with something very personal that depends on one’s emotions and the way we see the world. In short, buy art also helps us to get in touch with a part of ourselves that we too often neglect.

A good rule to remember that a painting is usually a self-centered object, which lives its own life and that monopolizes attention. Happen, then, that to put it into a context you will have to start from the work itself, because it will dominate the environment, regardless of the type of furniture chosen. A good trick on how to furnish your home is to make sure that the look you focus on the work environment protagonist.Ebuyhouse real estate

Often selected by the real estate agency Ebuyhouse Lugano homes are characterized by works of art and sculptures to complement a sophisticated architecture and modern design.

In this regard, Ebuyhouse real estate in Lugano Switzerland, to guarantee its customers an exclusive and professional service of furniture through artworks in Switzerland, he has developed a partnership with Sangiorgio International Art Gallery. The latter, thanks to its team of experienced consultants, will accompany you and guide you, according to your tastes, the choice of works that are in harmony with the finish of your prestigious property.