Covid-19: how to sanitize the house.

Covid-19: how to sanitize the house.

Home is our nest in these days of global health emergency more than ever.
For this reason it is good to know how to sanitize the house, sanitize it with ad hoc products, and take the right precautions to reduce the risk of taking the virus home.

In Switzerland, more and more people are falling ill with Coronavirus.
To make the situation change, everyone must act responsibly and stay at home.
This is the only way to limit the number of serious cases and prevent overloading in our health system.

Good rules when returning home.

Wash your hands well.
As we have heard a thousand times before, rule number 1, which we should all know by now, is to wash your hands correctly and frequently.

Disinfect your hands.
We know that a hand sanitizer is able to break down bacteria and that we must always carry one with us.
We understand that we must not touch the eyes, nose and mouth, which are the preferred access routes for COVID-19.
Some advice from the FOPH Federal Office of Public Health

Home: how to have a healthy environment.

A premise is a must: the virus comes from outside, therefore it is advisable to create a protected and healthy environment in your home.

Sanitizing the house means, after having carried out a thorough cleaning of the rooms, sanitizing with specific detergents.

Disinfectants capable of destroying bacteria and pathogens that can be harmful to health, increasing the risk of contagion and contamination for the whole family.

A good habit is to leave shoes outside the house or remove them, disinfect them with a sanitizing spray and put them in the shoe cabinet.

Covid-19 is mainly transmitted by air, through contact with the breath droplets of infected people.

However, for what we now know, the survival times of the virus on surfaces can even reach several days, but the infectious charge on the surfaces hardly reaches values that require systematic disinfection of everything that comes into contact with the outside world and with the others people.

How to sanitize the house?

To sanitize the house, all frequently touched surfaces, such as walls, doors and windows, toilet and sanitary surfaces, must be disinfected with particular care.

Bed linen, curtains and other fabric materials must be washed with 90 ° C hot water and detergent.

If washing at 90 ° C is not possible due to the characteristics of the fabric, add the washing cycle with bleach or sodium hypochlorite products.
In fact, products commonly used in healthcare environments such as sodium hypochlorite, ethanol or hydrogen peroxide must be used for correct disinfection of surfaces.

The sanitation of one’s home, of course, must be preceded by good practices on hygiene rules.
Among the behaviors to adopt, leave the shoes outside the home, and in any case get rid of the clothes worn to go out already at the entrance of the house.

Especially for those who continue to go to work: everything that comes from outside – including clothes – and which could be contaminated must be sanitized in some way.

Real estate at the time of Covid-19 sanitized house.

As a real estate agency, at the time of Covid-19, we believe that now knowing how to sanitize every room in the house is an important gesture for everyone.

For those who live there and for the people we can get in touch with. Let’s imagine we are a client looking for an apartment to rent during this period. I will certainly be more attentive than usual to the cleaning and hygiene of the house I am looking for, especially if it is not in the first rental.

In fact, the transition from one tenant to another, at this moment, can be experienced as a strong deterrent for the customer due to the ongoing health emergency.

If, on the other hand, the homeowner performed a disinfection of the rooms, perhaps with a certification from the sanitation company, it would be a very important added value now.

Rent or sell a sanitized home.

Just what you read, the Lugano Ebuyhouse real estate agency, first in the real estate sector in Switzerland, has decided to offer new customers the home sanitation service to facilitate the rental and sale in this delicate period.

After taking the assignment, in this case only for the exclusive ones, our agency will take care of the promotion of the property, having found the future tenant or buyer, will appoint a trusted company to sanitize the house with certified products against Coronavirus.

Ebuyhouse will deliver the sanitized house at its own expense with the advantage of protecting the buyer / tenant who will be able to enter a healthy and safe environment and offer more sales / rental opportunities to the owner without any additional expense.

We hope that our initiative can also be undertaken by other real estate agencies in order to protect as many people as possible and ensure a high standard in the services offered to customers.

Covid-19: how to sanitize the house.