Apartments for sale in Lugano: Lugano center

The choice to go and live in Lugano has many good reasons.
Among many, the good geographical position, the Ticino capital is located in a bay surrounded by wonderful alpine views.

The presence of parks and flower gardens, exclusive museums, mountains and lakes, with a calendar that is always full of events such as concerts and theatrical performances.

This makes it a perfect place to live both for those who prefer to move freely in Europe and for those who love to indulge in daily relaxation in a Swiss environment with Italian connotations.

Currently the market offers a wide choice of apartments for sale in Lugano.
In recent years, as we happened to read on several newspapers, a lot has been built, especially in areas with land still available.

Certainly not the city center, an area that always keeps the interest high on the part of those who want to move to live in Lugano and those looking for a safe real estate investment over time.

But where to choose to go to live?

Lugano center offers several squares and arcades, museums, churches, villas and historic buildings of surprising beauty.

There are numerous parks rich in subtropical plants immersed in the urban context, such as the Guidino Panoramic Park where you can walk in peace with your family, the splendid Ciani Park overlooking Lake Ceresio.

Where to live in lugano?

In the historic center of the Swiss capital you can find numerous historic buildings of artistic importance. Just think of the numerous Lombard-style buildings.

Throughout the year, you can visit the high-level exhibitions organized periodically in the city, including at the Cantonal Art Museum.

Lugano is the largest town in the Ticino tourist area, the third Swiss financial center and a true gateway to Europe.

Here the mix of European cultures gives shape to the spirit of one of the most interesting regions of the country, both from a cosmopolitan point of view, as well as from an economic and gastronomic one.

Apartments for sale in Lugano center