Apartments for rent in Lugano: the real estate agency is free!

Ticino and Lugano are seen as Italian, they are the most familiar part of Switzerland:

Italian is spoken, the cuisine is very good, they are just a few kilometers from the Lombard border.
Furthermore, there is not a huge cultural and work leap, especially if you come from nearby Italy.

For those who wish to integrate as a foreigner and need information, consult the website of the city of Lugano dedicated to foreigners.

Living in Switzerland is the goal of many Italians looking for new professional and personal opportunities.

Thanks to higher salaries than in Italy and a very dynamic work situation that offers many possibilities both in Canton Ticino, where the spoken language is Italian, and in the other cantons.

Initially when you move, you opt for a rental housing solution, in fact on the market there is a wide choice of apartments for rent in Lugano.

You can find rentals that suit your budget and taste needs and you can even be followed by a good real estate agency for free!

The real estate agency in Lugano is free!

An advantage over Italy is that you can go directly to a qualified real estate agency to search for apartments for rent in Lugano without any brokerage costs!

Such as the Ebuyhouse real estate agency!

You read that right, right in Switzerland, where usually everything is more expensive, you don’t spend anything as a tenant in using the best real estate agency to find apartments for rent in Lugano.

In fact, the real estate agency, in Ticino at least, is usually paid only by the owner of the property to find a tenant.

Almost one in five Swiss people want to change his rent house.

Two thirds of the tenants are dissatisfied.
Unsurprisingly, homeowners feel better in their homes – which they can upgrade at will – than renters.
Among the latter, the percentage of dissatisfied people is 65%.

Contrary to what one might think, it is not only the price they pay for the accommodation that contributes to this malaise.